Santa Ysabel Memorial Day 2010

By Roy Cook

This Memorial Day is a National day of respect for our military warriors everywhere. This Santa Ysabel Tribal annual tribute is tied together with aspects of traditional tribal hospitality and generosity. Indian events on Indian land for and by Indian people are the best times. The Iipai Nation of Santa Ysabel Tribal council welcomed all to this Memorial Day ceremony. Ron Christman provided a Kumeyaay blessing for this Memorial Day of remembrance.

Each year the American Indian Warriors Association look forward with anticipation and respectful responsibility when we are invited to participate in the Santa Ysabel Memorial Day activity at the Tribal cemetery. American Indian Warriors Association Honor Guard posted all our flags for an outstanding showing. We extend our appreciation to those AIWA members and family who represented the AIWA organization in respectful attendance and service to our Santa Ysabel Indian Tribal community.

John Hernandez Virgil Osuna

Tribal chairman, John Hernandez welcomed all to this Memorial Day tribute. Virgil Osuna, Vietnam veteran, addressed the assembly regarding the purpose and privilege of being a part of this day.






Ron Christman and Stan Rodriguez sang four Honoring Tucuk Bird songs.

Stan Rodriguez also read the muster roll call of all the Santa Ysabel Veterans. Then as the Santa Ysabel fallen warriors of all military conflicts are remembered a ships bell rings for each Warrior that is no longer with us.

Finally, to complete this Memorial Day tribute, Taps are blown for all the Military Veterans who have fallen in the defense of our Indian land and freedom.

We must always remember that our Indian Warriors, Elders and culture bearers who gave so much so that our Indian people may enjoy the freedom to be ourselves. Our Indian land is forever Indian land. It is all Indian land. Our heart and hospitality has always found generosity and room for all to enjoy this great land. We, Indian Warriors, are a band of brothers that will always be the protectors of our Indian land. Mehan, Aho, thank you.