The AIWA Color Guard is honored to be invited by the wellness committee member Vickie Gambala of the San Diego Indian Education program. We were on hand early Monday, April 4, 2005, to open the Women’s Wellness Conference in Mission Valley at the Town and Country hotel.

We were hosted to a continental breakfast of oatmeal bagels and cream cheese. Oh there was a lot of healthy food like fresh fruit and other stuff too. Hot coffee and tea was very welcome in the hour before the event: 7-8am.




We were especially honored to be joined by Mrs. Esther Abrahano, USMC veteran. She along with our Ida Windwalker represented our position to always recognize our Women Warriors!



Gary (Ida’s squeeze) was kind enough to share some of the many images he took of the presentation.




I hope you enjoy them as much as we did being there and representing our organization. Mehan, Aho, Thank you.

Roy Cook, AIWA Historian