Indian Education Title VII and IHRC host 2005 Culture Days in San Diego

By Roy Cook

It is quite fitting that the first event of the Saturday Culture Day celebration represent the local Tipai tribal people. Jon Meza Cuero is a singer, native speaker, and culture bearer with lifetime of traditional experience in Southern California and Baja tribal communities. He sings Nyemie, Wildcat or Gato songs.

Luiseno storytellers gathered the early Saturday morning visitors to the presentation arena. Delightful and traditional tribal stories were enacted with very effective sound effects. Brandon Wallace was also a part of the group and he would return to present tunes on the Indian flute later in the morning. Abel Sivas presented Running Grunion in mime and dialogue.

The Tolecas de Aztlan are always colorful, loud and a favorite crowd pleaser.

Rosehill, led by 'Junior' Whitecloud, is the Southern drum for the two day weekend. When they started the Gourd Dance songs Don Vigneault - Head Gourd dancer led out the American Indian Warriors Association (AIWA) members and visitors from the Golden State Gourd Society into the arena.


AIWA is composed of Military service veterans with Honorable discharge. Most are Tribal members and combat veterans of many conflicts. San Diego County is home to over 280,000 of America's most distinguished military veterans. We were honored to have Golden State Gourd Society member, Saginaw Grant, Sac-Fox, screen and television celebrity join in the Gourd Dance.

American Indian Warriors Association, AIWA, regular meeting is on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm. Located at 3628 Illinois St. San Diego in the Chet Hunt Community Center of the Many Nations in Recovery facility. (North-park: one half block N of University Ave. two blocks East of 30th St.)
Master of Ceremonies Randy Edmonds introduced the Head Staff as AIWA brought in the colors: Kathy Garcia - Head Women, Gilbert Sanchez - Head Man, Don Vigneault - Head Gourd Dancer, Michael Cadotte - Head Young Man, Donnell Eagle Feather - Head Young Women.

The Veterans and Warriors of AIWA and GSGS honor Joe Morris,
Navaho WW II Code Talker. Our Tribal traditions live forever!

Gilbert Sanchez, Cheyenne, Head Man Dancer with the Indian staff and
American Indian Warriors Association Color Guard, Grand Entry.