San Diego ‘Buffalo’ Soldier Color Guard
By Roy Cook

In Kumeyaay traditional territory: Balboa Park San Diego County, It is a patriotic day for all units at the Massing of the Colors on November 3, 2012; the Buffalo Soldiers Color Guard took their place at the event at the Balboa Park Organ pavilion. They were there in honor of those Afro-American military veterans.

Historically, Camp Lockett was home to the active duty San Diego Buffalo Soldiers. Camp Lockett was located at Campo in the Milquatay Valley, it was a World War II Mexican border cavalry post established in 1941. The site was chosen for a cavalry camp as far back as 1878 when sixteen troopers wearing the blue uniform of The US Cavalry bivouaced for several months in this small Mexican border valley.

"E" Troop of the 11th Cavalry Regiment was stationed here in 1918 and since then there has been a succession of soldiers stationed at this strategic junction where road and railroad return to the United States after dipping into Baja California en route from San Diego to Yuma. In 1942, the 10th Cavalry Regiment (the famed Buffalo Soldiers) moved into Camp Lockett to replace the 11th Cavalry Regiment that had been converted into an armored unit. In 1943 The 28th Cavalry Regiment made up of inductees joined the 10th to form the 4th Cavalry Brigade of the 2nd Cavalry Division (Horse).