Veterans Museum & Memorial Center (VMMC) 2115 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101.





Military Warriors Presentation reaches End of the Trail: August 28, 2005

By Roy Cook, AIWA President

The Indian Warrior Tradition in the U.S. Armed Forces presentation came to a close just past noon this, Sunday August 28, 2005. American Indian Warriors Association provided a Military Veterans Color Guard and appropriate traditional American Indian Flag song.
















Schedule: 1:15 Call to Order – Joe Luna, Apache/Cherokee

Color Guard – American Indian Warriors Association

1:30 - Blessing - Carmen Lucas, Kwaaymii, Laguna Mountain

Speakers: Rod Melendez, ED, Veteran's Museum

Abe Schragge, Exhibit Curator

Mel Vernon, Luiseno

Carmen Lucas, USMC Veteran

American Indian Warrior Association Color Guard retires the colors: Veterans Desert Storm and prayer songs.








This closing valediction event was to be held in the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center This historic park locations name would be better served by the appropriate name of: Hatam Park instead of ‘Balboa’ Park: Kumeyaay Way instead of ‘Presidents’ Way and Park Blvd. This location, within close proximity of a former Kumeyaay Village site under the leadership of Jose M. Hatam and is across the street, Park Blvd, from our traditional place to hold American Indian culture Days and California Indian Days in mid-September.

The Indian Warrior Tradition in the U.S. Armed Forces valediction. This event was held in the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center (VMMC) 2115 Park Boulevard San Diego, CA 92101. This commodious former chapel and its grounds provide space and amenities in support of: the veteran, education, business and active-duty military elements of the San Diego community. However, this particular Sunday, August 28th, 2005 at 1:00 pm valediction was special because this was the first time a show had been mounted in San Diego with a focus on Native American Warriors of the U. S. Military.

Roy Cook, American Indian Warrior Association President