San Diego American Indian Warriors Association.

Some of our military service units proudly proclaim: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway. Most of the time this is in reference to land, sea or air. The American Indian Warriors Color Guard is being recognized for responsibly representing the needs of our Indian community when and where it is called upon. This Saturday April 29, 2006 we attended the Warner’s Native Pride Indian Club gathering on the shore of Lake Henshaw and the Warner’s High school football field.

Another aspect of military service is the inevitable hurry up and wait. There was a good amount of this phenomenon to remind us of past experiences. Continued experience and age has taught us, it is all-good. Sometimes you have to recognize and enjoy that and not dwell on the negativity! It is so easy to criticize and not execute respectfully, our duty and mission.

Hey, it is a beautiful warm, sunny day with a fresh breeze blowing off the lake. Green grass soft earth to dance upon and smiling brown faces looking to have a good day. A surprising good turn out of vendors and organizational information booths circled the Pow wow arena. Dancing Cloud and the Red Warrior singers sang dozens of excellent songs for the dancers that were in attendance. Very old school, singing at the center without amplification or shade. Real hard-core old time traditional conditions. It is all-good. We could have used a bit better support from the membership for the Color Guard but we had a fine dandy time.

This Wednesday, May 3,2006 is also the date of our monthly AIWA meeting.. Here are a couple of shots of the last evening get together.