American Indian Warriors Association at the Mother Goose Parade 2012
By Roy Cook

Rain or shine! The 66th Annual Mother Goose Centennial Parade began Sunday, November 18th, at 10:00 a.m. on Main Street in downtown El Cajon. The San Diego American Indian Warrior Association, AIWA, joined in the Centennial theme of this year’s parade. Mother Goose is the largest parade in the county and the largest of its type west of the Mississippi. The parade featured over one hundred colorful and exciting parade entries from cities throughout the United States.

The American Indian Warriors Association proudly showed the colors of the AIWA Honor Guard. The El Cajon Centennial Mother Goose Parade audience responded with warmth and patriotic recognition of the military service of the Native American members of AIWA.

Spectators were treated to a line-up of spectacular floats, television stars, local dignitaries, marching bands, equestrians, clowns, giant helium balloons, specialty vehicles and Santa Claus. Every parade entry is specially selected to bring enjoyment to children and adults alike.

There were many patriotic, Holiday and equestrian entries in the parade. This was a beautiful day with beautiful people having a fine time in the East County community of El Cajon.

We need to keep in mind always that this land and this city is the original homeland of the Kumeyaay people.