Joe Renteria Honoring by the Honor Flight San Diego, San Diego Veterans
Coalition and San Diego Gulls

A continual accolade of celebrations for a centenarian, the elder of elders Mr. Joseph “Joe” Renteria, 102 years old, from the Cherokee Nation, WWII veteran. Some of Joe’s friends and families gathered at Pechanga Arena San Diego during the San Diego Gulls with the San Jose Barracuda Saturday Feb. 22. 2020. The SD Gulls won the game 6-3, a divine spike of luck from a veteran centenarian.

Mr. Renteria was escorted by his son Michael and daughter-in-law Susan Renteria; the celebration was only known to his son/daughter and a few friends, a surprise gathering for the special guest. San Diego Veterans Coalition paid for Joe’s military plague; The Honor Flight San Diego program helped sponsor the hockey game event. Mount Soledad has become a military monument decked with past and current veterans’ service plaques. The plaque consists of military data, photograph(s), unit citations, etc.

Holly Shaffner from Honor Flight and Martin Gallegos from Mt Soledad did the presentation. The event was presented in the final period of the hockey game and presented on the Jumbotron with raving celebratory crowd. A surprised veteran worthy of praises for his patriotism and longevity of life.

The American Indian community is planning to celebrate Mr. Renteria’s military plaque on Mt. Soledad with a traditional gathering and presentations. The event will be staged during or after a military holiday observation at Mt. Soledad. Mr. Renteria has been attending the Mt. Soledad’s Veterans celebrations and looking forward to celebrating his 103rd Birthday in July 2020.

The Mt. Soledad Memorial Association is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation and annually host veteran’s holidays. There are various plaque sizes at varying prices and donations are accepted.

The Honor Flight San Diego (HFSD) is a non-profit organization; a network of nationwide programs that assist WWII veterans and terminally ill veterans as escorts to memorials/services in Washington D.C. Donations are accepted and (HFSD) is celebrating 10 years of services.

We thank all programs and services that support our military. Our U.S. military’s unwavering dedication and sacrifices as patriots are exemplary. (The United States Army, The United States Navy, The United States Marine Corps, The United States Air Force, The United States Coast Guard)