AIWA at the 28th Annual Linda Vista Parade 2013

By Roy Cook

We came, we saw, we conquered! AIWA was, on April 27, 2013 at noon in the heart of the Linda Vista mesa overlooking the San Diego bay and at the Multi-Cultural parade. It is not a long parade but it reflects the diversity of the people from the many deployments that our military have been in hostile conflicts over the world.

The American Indian Warriors Association Veterans represented our Native American Tribal pride and our patriotic commitment to the USA Constitutional government. We assembled early and prepared our Honor guard flags according to the number of troops we could call upon for the event. AIWA President William Buchanan’s truck was once again pressed into service as a rolling float for the AIWA banner and a couple of veterans, Lawrence Strickland and Roy Cook, were tailgaters with flags. The rest of the troops were motivated to walk the parade route: Joaquin Sandoval, Michael Billy, Juan del Rio, Ozzie Monje and William Buchanan.

Wow! Many ethnicities and nations were very most enthusiastic with their applause and waving signs of recognition. Our group also received many hand salutes of affirmation for our military service to this country. We were just in front of the convertible that Miss Mira Mesa was riding in. There were also: school bands, Mariachi groups, martial arts demonstrators, dragons from China and various other Asian countries, star war aficionados and a wookie, clowns, other military floats and ROTC units and the Shriners little cars weaving in and out of the rollerblade skaters. This was a great day, a short parade and a promise of festivities, food booths, carnival rides that will go into the evening’s entertainment.

AIWA is happy to fulfill our participation to the urban non-Indian community in this parade. Thank you all for being there today. Also big thanks to KUSI for the TV coverage, also Bayside Community Center and AIWA members for a great time!