Our last AIWA meeting: July 6, 2005 Wednesday 6:30pm- 9:30pm has given us pause to consider our present and future priorities. On a most positive note we resolved some past issues and entertained good ideas for positive improvement of our organization.

We need to keep our eye on the ball. American Indian democracy is the most effective and oldest in the world. Democracy is not easy or quickly accomplished. AIWA is a group effort. I had hoped we had gotten past the time when personalities more than issues were guiding the majority of the membership. Effective leadership is always best by example. We lost some members due to past politics and general discontent. We are still finding new ways to lose members. We will attempt to resolve past misunderstandings and hurtful talk. A very high priority, especially at this time, we need to recruit more Indian Veterans to be a part of AIWA.
In general, we have been presenting a positive respectful image to the community at large. Now we need to smooth out feathers and reform our ranks. What are your thoughts?

Another important issue: Indian Warriors Exhibit closing tribute gathering on either 10 Sept – Saturday or 11 September 2005 Sunday -

Closing title: w/ Valediction:
An act of bidding farewell; a leave-taking.
A speech or statement made as a farewell.

Thanks to John Hood, Dine’ USMC for these moving words.A closing tribute to the Veterans is always a standing order. There’s never a farewell…for Veterans, we fade like the fog and keep returning.

Our memories are enduring…like the seasons bringing freshness.
The songs stroke the feathers floating above the grass…dancing like the
butterflies among the flowers.
The moccasins’ rhythmic tap to the bellowing drums...pride clutching the
strand of flowing hair.

Our stories etched in our heart… I have traveled far, but not out of my heart.

Not many can only travel with the memories…they are only life’s worthwhile.

"The Indian Warrior Tradition in the U.S. Armed Forces"
"Exhibit Valediction"

Need to schedule time of event and those interested in assisting with
coffee/tea service - cookies/cake/punch etc - Is there a plan to send a one
page flyer to invite interested parties to the closing ceremony?” VMCC.


Roy Cook: AIWA President