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American Indian Warriors Association meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Bayside Community Center

2202 Comstock St, San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-0771
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American Indian Warrior Association
August 1, 2012

AIWA President, William Buchanan took charge of the opening of the meeting with pepperoni pizza. Additionally attending is Lawrence Strickland with Diet Pepsi. Also attending are Joaquin Sandoval, Ozze Monge, Juan Del Rio and Roy Cook. The business of the American Indian Warriors Association of August 1, 2012 was called to order at 7:05 pm by AIWA President William Buchanan. One of the first topics is the 1st. Annual Chula Vista Pow wow on August 11 and 12. AIWA is invited to bring in the colors during the Grand Entry. There will be further instructions to follow.

AUG 11 - 12
Bay front Pow wow
Click Here for Flier

Roy Cook made a report of the United Veterans Council meeting this month and distributed pertinent information from that meeting. He also brought in an example of the new AIWA patch on the red and blue vest. They will look fine on the six new Honor Guard ‘loaner’ vests by Joaquin Sandoval. Joaquin also made a verbal report on the financial status of the AIWA organization.

William continues to ask for Tee shirt sizes for future gift distribution of the ‘new’ design to new and returning AIWA members.

Our Veterans topics were free ranging, yet still in keeping with the spirit of this AIWA American Indian military veteran’s organizations general interests.

Ozze Monge shared a report of the most recent Council of Native American organization: mission, education, museum, veterans and the holiday dinners. Insightful discussion followed his report.

Juan Del Rio related his disappointment of the unsuccessful request for providing services to Women Veterans at risk. He was offered alternative sources to continue his commitment to the mission.

Lawrence Strickland was able to go home to his reservation, Sioux St. Marie, for their annual Pow wow. He was honored to bring in the Tribal flag in the grand entry. He returned to San Diego with rich memories from relatives and sights of his homeland and younger years.

The Round Robin encourages our Veterans to bring out issues and emotions in a supportive, compassionate, environment. Our goal is that participation will further the healing process and bring us all back into the world of harmony and balance again.

AIWA welcomes positive ideas for the next months’ meeting of September 5, 2012. With the final clean up of the area the AIWA meeting adjourned at 8:38pm.

Respectfully submitted:
Roy Cook, AIWA Historian/secretary