Previous Months

Call to order: Roy Cook, 7:20 PM.  Prayer was given by Anthony Gastelum.

Officer Reports:

President:  Roy Cook:   All events AIWA is involved with (Menifee pow wow, VMMC, VAMC for Ron Murphyís presentation, holiday dinners, Color Guard for Santa Ysabel, etc) are equally important.  Upcoming events: Grossmont Community College pow wow in February 2005; California Educational Conference at the Town and Country Hotel in Mission Valley in April 2005.

Vice Pres.:  Anthony Gastelum: Just received feathers for the staff from the veterans and kids in Kake, Alaska; needs more materials to finish it.  Dancing Cloud went to the Imperial Valley Sunset event on Veteranís Day and were presented with a plaque for AIWA.

Treasurer: Jerry Wilkerson: Treasurerís report for November 2004: Savings: $1485.60; Checking: $427.65; Petty Cash: $265.13; Total: $2178.38.  Funds contributed for Chet Hunt Memorial: $300.28 total so far.

Secretary: Ron Hawkins:  Minutes for November 2004 submitted for approval; (approved with corrections); AIWA has committed to providing a color guard for the Fallbrook Christmas Parade, December 4, at 4 PM.  All participants are invited to the Hawkins residence (2503 Clearcrest Lane, Fallbrook) before and after for refreshments and socializing; dress warmly; vests and shawls only, white shirts and black pants/skirts.  The Santa Ysabel Veteranís Day event went well, though there was a lack of participation by AIWA personnel. 
Please update your email addresses and phone numbers, and make sure the secretary has your current regular address, especially if you donít have a computer.  And if you do have an email address, please try to keep your inbox cleaned out so that you can receive messages from us.
  Yokoke (Thank you to those who have done so).

Sergeant at Arms: Storme Silvercloud:  Menifee pow wow was good, although it was noted that there was a lack of AIWA participation.  Veteranís roll call went well.

 Old business:

A. 501©3 status: work in progress.  Joaquin contacted Marty Hiles who previously worked on this and he will get back to us.  Several websites have current and helpful information.

B.  American Film Festival: email/phone suggestions to Joaquin about films you would like to see.  An opera singer and several Native American actors are committed to being at the festival.

C.  Old flags were brought in by Warren B.  Jean suggested removing the current tags and cleaning them and using them as back ups.  Issue tabled for further discussion

 New business

A.  Elections were held.  Officers elected for calendar year 2005:

President: Warren Brader

Vice President: Larry Smith

Secretary: Joaquin Sandoval

Treasurer: Jerry Wilkerson

Sergeant at Arms: Storme Silvis

Cheryl Wilkerson reappointed as Event Coordinator.

B.  Annual Dues: Dues are due.  We need to increase our budget for the coming year.  Please pay as soon as possible.

 Visitors:  None.

 Round Table Discussion:

Henry M: Glad to be a member.

Joaquin S: Enjoyed gala dinner and honoring of Don Vigneault.

Michael T: Life partner going thru chemo treatments.  Keep in prayer.

Eric S: Back surgery scheduled for week after meeting.  Graduating from school in 6 months.

Larry S: Worried about son Ericís upcoming surgery on Dec. 7 at La Jolla VAMC.

Jean L: Feeling pretty good; back into art; has contacts in AZ for various things.

Ronnie W: Doing good; sorry she missed Menifee pow wow.

Warren B: Thanks for the election; will do his best.

Garry: enjoyed Menifee pow wow and has lots of pictures.

Don V: Gala dinner was an honor.

Ida L: Working with drill team at job.

Jerry W: Welcome to new members; good to see Jean and Michael back; ask for prayers for Irene White Eagle and Cheryl W.

Cheryl W: Hopefully new year will be better that 2004.

Anthony G: Thanks everyone for letting him be of service to AIWA.  Believes AIWA is a community based organization, and hopefully new officers will get out into the community.

Roy C: Thanks for opportunity to be of service to AIWA.


Adjourned:  9:10 PM.


A. Call to order, Roberts rules of order procedure

B. Officers reports: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Sect., Sgt at Arms, Committees

C. Old business
D. New business
E. Round Table discussion and visitors
F. Adjourn