AIWA Holiday Dinner 2012

Since time beyond memory gatherings have been an integral part of Native American culture. Gatherings are held for a variety of purposes. Seasonal traditional gatherings were held each year at generally the same time so everyone knew in advance it was going to take place. Before each gathering runners were sent to each outlying region to inform every one of the time and place of the gathering. Joaquin Sand oval brought his wife Karen and most of his extended family including grand children. It made for a very joyful evening!

Overtime the location of the gathering has changed somewhat but the function of the social gathering has remained. In this way, that of our ancestors, the American Indian Warrior Association held their winter holiday dinner at the Sunshine Buffet on December 5, 2012. Family and friends gathered to eat laugh and socialize. We invited several local military veterans but we were pleased that Billie Michael was able to attend.

Also we were able to get a little Honor Color Guard planning toward the next Veterans Day events in May. Additionally we held appointment/elections of our President and Vice President positions: William Buchanan and Larry Strickland respectfully.