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American Indian Warriors Association meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM.
Our meeting location is: Linda Vista Library
2160 Uric St. San Diego, CA 92111
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Meeting Minutes - May 8, 2018 at 7:00PM.
Call to order
A meeting of AIWA members was held at Linda Vista Library. Attendees included Joaquin, Juan, Ivan and Ben.

Approval of minutes

Discussion of networking opportunities based on AIWA's mission and in an effort to cultivate cultural awareness, mentor community youth, and advocate the enrichment and fulfillment of healthy lifestyles.

Ivan shares fliers and info on upcoming events of interest to veterans and their families.

Old Business
Please get more AIWA cards for members.

Ben & Ivan - Discussed the status and management of the AIWA page on Facebook and and AIWA page at

New Business

Joaquin- Presented a review of items discussed at the Veterans Council meeting.

Ben & Ivan - Continued discussion of the AIWA page on Facebook which will be managed by Ben along with AIWA page at Ivan reinforced the need to maintain our pages as a connection to other groups and organizations in the community.

Joaquin- Reported and presented materials and links to the National Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC and the design contest that is taking place. Click here the see more.

Ivan- promoting an outreach activity to all military lesions at military bases to gather statistical info and needs input as to how Indian Education Programs are utilized by their families and what needs have been served in the past. He described increasing efforts by some to minimize these programs and their govt. to govt. relationship as a means to group them together as simply ethnic minorities.

Ivan - CALVET to acknowledge the Eagle Staff as the first flag. Also to acknowledge Native Veterans organizations publicly

Ivan & Joaquin - Defined and discussed the AIWA Scholarship Program focusing on Native students at community collages who are transitioning to a four year institution by offering a reimbursement scholarship in support of their continued education.

Ivan - Shared some history on the Golden State Gourd Society and the induction process. Also spoke to the participation of members in Open Gourd Dancing at pow wows.

Juan - Looking to Gourd Dance at Balboa Park Pow wow

Joaquin - Spoke to early and continued support of Soaring Eagles Workshop and AIWA members part in its formation.

Members agreed to network amongst each other and outreach to other organizations and other potential members, focusing on mentorship and Veteran advocacy.

- 8:58pm.
Secretary Date of approval 5/18/2018

Robert rules of order procedure with modifications:

A. Call to order
B. Officers reports; President ,Vice President, Treasurer, Sect., Committees
C. Old business
D. New business
E. Round Robin discussion and visitors
F. Adjourn

"The nation that makes a great distinction between its warriors and its scholars will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools" -Thucydides