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American Indian Warriors Association meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Bayside Community Center

2202 Comstock St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-0771
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November 3, 2010 AIWA Meeting report.
By Roy Cook, AIWA Secretary

AIWA Warriors: Information exchange from 7-7:30pm.
Call to order. 7:30pm.

Chairing the meeting is AIWA VP Carl Limping Bear Johnson. Attending officers are: Joaquin Sandoval, AIWA Treasurer- Event Coordinator and Roy Cook, AIWA Secretary.

Barbara Pepi, VA La Jolla reported that the Hospital employees had collected food for needy veterans and they were seeking referrals of veterans for distribution on Dec. 18-17, 10. She had some information and neat pens to give out too.

AIWA President: absent and two months ago, the elected AIWA president had indicated that family obligations in Arizona will not allow him to complete the remainder of the term of office. The position is open.

AIWA VP report: Carl reported on the possibility of a different location. He will have more to report next month. He and Maggie had some bling to show to the members.

AIWA Treasurer/Event Coordinator report: AIWA account is in good shape.

ACTION items:

RC motioned that since a priority issue is our diminished membership we could suspend membership dues for 2011 to assist recruitment of more members. M/S/P.

Tyrane Kugler asked if this was the entire AIWA membership. RC gave a brief history of the organization.

Further, She indicated that active duty Marine, Scott Renolds had a resent death in the family and asked if we had a condolence/ sickness acknowledgement. VP Carl LB motioned that we send $50 to the family on behalf of AIWA. M/S/P.

William Buchanan volunteered to present flute music for the Veterans home in Chula Vista if he could get a bit of help with drum songs. RC was designated to assist.

JS, Event coordinator/ Treasurer moved to appoint Tyrane Kugler to be Event Coordinator.

The Sgt. At Arms position is still open.

Nominations are tabled until the December 1 meeting.

Meeting adjorned: 8:25pm.

Next meeting December 1, 2010.

Respectfully reported by, Roy Cook, AIWA Secretary.

The AIWA membership was reminded of the service 7/24 offered by the calendar.

Robert rules of order procedure with modifications:

A. Call to order
B. Officers reports; President ,Vice President, Treasurer, Sect., Committees
C. Old business
D. New business
E. Round Robin discussion and visitors
F. Adjourn

"The nation that makes a great distinction between its warriors and its scholars will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools" -Thucydides