Previous Months: December 1

The location of all AIWA meetings is at 3928 Illinois St. San Diego, CA. Many Nations in Recovery facility. Chet A. Hunt Community Center. AIWA is welcome to utilize the facilities in a respectful manner. (It is two blocks east of 30th St. and one-half block North of University Ave. on the west side of the street.)

CALL TO ORDER: President Warren Bader at approx. 7:20 p.m. with 14 members present.  Prayer was given.


President: Warren Bader: Present with no report.

 Vice President: Larry Smith: Present with no report.

 Secretary:  Joaquin Sandoval: Minutes taken by previous secretary Ron Hawkins submitted for approval.  Approved as read.

 Treasurer: Jerry Wilkerson: Treasures report submitted.

 Sergeant at Arms: Storm Silvercloud: No report (not present).


A.  Members discussed conduct at Pow-Wows.  At least one officer shall present themselves to the Head Gourd Dancer and abide by the protocol he sets forth for the Pow-Wow.  Attire shall also be as designated by the Head Gourd Dancer.  This includes blankets, vests, moccasins etc.  The vest is okay to walk around in outside the arena along with the white shirt (long sleeves), bowline, black pants, moccasins (black shoes optional).  Clothing that is not acceptable: tank tops, t-shirts, sandals, bare chest with vest.  Remember you represent AIWA.  Be proud and make us proud -- You are veterans!

B.  Property of AWIA was discussed.  Property given to AIWA must be documented and a chain of custody established. It was agreed that once something was given to AIWA it cannot be taken back.  It becomes the property of AIWA.

The location of flags at present:  Warren Bader brought in the old flags.  Ron Hawkins has the new flags.  It was brought to attention that some flags are damaged and may or may not be repairable. The California State flag is damaged.  Leslie and Ron Hawkins will check into it and report back.

We need back up poles for the old flags.  We have to remove the made in Taiwan tags. The problem of keeping the flags standing is still not taken care of.  It was mentioned that Jerry might have the stands.  The stands are not able to be used in the grass however.  Ida Windwalker has the old stands.  Various ideas were discussed to solve the problem such as Velcro straps, iron plates, or using the old stands.  It was discussed using stands similar to the type that Camp Pendleton uses.  Does anyone know who has the flag straps? 


  1. Fundraising options were discussed.  Funds are very low at present.  Grant writing ideas were proposed as a possibility.  Items being donated to be resold to raise money were discussed as a possibility.
  2. Leslie Hawkins proposed a full color guard.  A Drill Team was also discussed. 


 Ron M. said he was glad to be back.

George H. said he was working with the order of the arrow program. More info to follow.

Roy C. mentioned VFW program in April.  He also mentioned Tonkawa meetings with 

Invitation to all to attend and suggested everyone to check out the web page.

Leslie H. said thanks to old officers for all their hard work and efforts.  Everyone agreed.

Ronnie W.  Prayers asked for Richard D. 

Jerry S. says wife is feeling better.

MEETING ADJOURNED:  approx. 9:30