The American Indian Warriors Association is composed of Military service veterans with Honorable discharge. Many are combat veterans of many conflicts and most are Tribal members. San Diego County is home to over 280,000 of America's most distinguished veterans. In the 21st century the United States military can be expected to provide continuing avenues of opportunity for Native American Indian Men and Women to carry on the Intertribal Warrior tradition of serving with pride, courage and distinction.

The goals of the American Indian Warrior Association (AIWA) are:

  1. To help the circumstances of the American Indian veteran and family.
  2. To promote a whole healthy American Indian veteran community.
  3. To participate in cultural events that reflects the traditions of American Indian heritage and respectfully of Indian Warrior.

AIWA Published Service and Participation to the Community

AIWA Honor Color Guard

Additionally, AIWA, Warriors Color Guard appreciates all requests and invitations to participate in traditional Tribal and Military Veteran activities. Please contact our AIWA Event Coordinator: Joaquin Sandoval Phone: 858-334-9822. Thank you.

AIWA meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.
Our meeting location is: Linda Vista Library
2160 Uric St.
San Diego, CA 92111
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AIWA Events Calendar