The American Indian Warriors Association is composed of Military service veterans with Honorable discharge. Many are combat veterans of many conflicts and most are Tribal members. San Diego County is home to over 280,000 of America's most distinguished veterans. In the 21st century the United States military can be expected to provide continuing avenues of opportunity for Native American Indian Men and Women to carry on the Intertribal Warrior tradition of serving with pride, courage and distinction.

The goals of the American Indian Warrior Association (AIWA) are:

  1. To help the circumstances of the American Indian veteran and family.
  2. To promote a whole healthy American Indian veteran community.
  3. To participate in cultural events that reflects the traditions of American Indian heritage and respectfully of Indian Warriors.

Native Americans have one of the highest records of service, per capita, of any ethnic group.

2019 Color Guard Cailornia Genocide Conference

2014 Veterans Stand Down

SFA-75 Picnic 2014

AIWA at Heritage Pow wow in Balboa Park 2014

K-9 Warrior: Special Operations Forces Tribute

AIWA at the 28th annual Linda Vista Parade

VA Office of Govt. Relations Outreach

NA Women Veterans

AIWA at the Mother Goose Parade 2012

San Diego ‘Buffalo’ Soldier Color Guard

American Indian Warrior Association at the Massing of the Colors

All the Way-Airborne

AIWA Activities August 2012

SFA-75 Picnic 2012

AIWA Activities June 2012

AIWA at Balboa Park Culture Days 2012

Honor Guard - Linda Vista 27th annual Multi-cultural Fair and Parade

Arizona’s Men and Women in Military Service

The Red Ball Express: Manned by Afro-Americans

Tribal Warrior Returns to Angel Mt. Rd

Native American Women and the U.S. Military

The First Arizona Oodham Volunteer Infantry

Veterans Day Festivities-Old Town 11-11-11

SFA-75 at POW Tribute

Plains Indian View of the ‘Buffalo’ Soldier

SFA -75 Picnic at Nipaquay

July 4, 2011: Native American Warriors

Memorial Day 2011

Code name 'MIKE' - Miguel de la Pena: American Warrior

Tommy Prince, Ojibwa, Canadian First Special Forces Warrior

Pearl Harbor before Dec.7, 1941 and Native Americans after Dec.7, 1941

Brigadier General US Army, Ely S. Parker, Seneca

Tokaha Waste Wicasha, Lloyd Roosevelt Moses - Major General, US Army

AIWA Published Service to the Community:

AIWA Attends First Interments

Color Guard - Augustine Quevas Medal Ceremony

Color Guard -Pala Pow wow

Color Guard - Pow wow By the Sea'09

John David Ignacio Memorial

Color Guard - SAIGE 2009

Color Guard - Memorial Day Santa Ysabel 2008

Color Guard - Wellness Conference 2008

Color Guard - Memorial Day Santa Ysabel 2007

Color Guard - Mesa College Warrior Symposium

Color Guard -Warner Native Pride Gathering

Color Guard - Women's Wellness Conference

Color Guard - Grossmont CC Pow wow

Color Guard - Admin for Children/Families (ACF) National N/A Conf. in Palm Springs on 12/7-9

Color Guard - VMMC Valediction

Color Guard - Pow wow By the Sea

Color Guard - Culture Days 2005

Color Guard - Cal Indian Ed. Conference

Color Guard - Women's Wellness Conference

Color Guard @ SDSU Pow wow

Descanso Parade 2004

Memorial Day 2004: Lori Piestewa Plaque Dedication

Native American Culture Days 2004

Running the Red Road: 2004 the Finish Line

Grossmont CC Pow Wow Shines

A Tribute to Women Warriors at VMAC

Indian Education / IHRC Culture Days in Balboa Park

Chet Hunt Community Center Dedicaton

Community Christmas Gathering

Tribal Community Gathers for Thanksgiving

Code Talker Joe Morris Speaks at Museum

Native American Journalist Assoc. Reception

The AIWA Color Guard is honored when asked to be the event Honor Guard and gratefully acknowledges and appreciates all requests and invitations to participate in traditional Tribal and Veteran activities. Please contact our AIWA Event Coordinator: Joaquin Sandoval Phone: 858-334-9822. Thank you.