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The location of all AIWA meetings is at 3928 Illinois St. San Diego, CA. Many Nations in Recovery facility. Chet A. Hunt Community Center. AIWA is welcome to utilize the facilities in a respectful manner. (It is two blocks east of 30th St. and one-half block North of University Ave. on the west side of the street.)

The members were purified by: __Ivan Sam__

Social potluck from 1800-1900.

Chicken and Julian pie.

Call to order:

Ivan Sam__7:04_PM.

Officer Reports:

*President- *Ivan Sam- present

*Vice President- *Henry Mendibles- present

*Secretary- *Richard DeCrane- present

*Treasurer- *George Hyde- present

*Master at Arms- *Gary Burrill- present

*Event Coordinator- *Ronnie Murphy- present

Old business: (M/S)

President- Ivan Sam

Apologized for not been here last month. Dealing with a lost in family. Will follow chain of command next time. Still dealing with family issues.

Vice President- Henry Mendibles

Touch on chain of command.

Women wellness conference. March 16-20 2008 He will be the Head Gourd Dancer. Looking to signup AIWA as color guard.

Need an Eagle Staff. We did not have one at Grossmont.

We also need to find and bring in eagle feather from old staff.

Need to find secondary flags.

Need to get all flags together.

Canceled March 22, 2008 event health fair.

Secretary- Richard DeCrane

Apologized for not getting the minutes to everyone on time; was having computer issues, old one crashed.

Treasurer- George Hyde

See treasure report.

We need to get something to hold flag. We might need to order Zip ties or Bungee cords.

Master at Arms- Gary Burrill

Has complete set of flags (primary).

Working on contacting Storm Silvercloud for old flag stands.

Event Coordinator- Ronnie Murphy

Still looking for a place to have a dinner meeting. Ask rep at Sycuan but still no word. Maybe home town buffet.

Upcoming events:

1. Women wellness conference. March 16-20 2008.

2. Canceled March 22, 2008 AIDS awareness event health fair.

New business: (M/S)

Joaquin Sandoval:

We need tax ID number issue resolved.

We need to get 2004-2005 tax paperwork from bank statement.

Need to file with federal government to become National Non-profit organization.

We may need to change name.

Open for discussion:

Henry -we need to start over from ground zero. If we become Nationally Recognized we have to think about what will happen. Officers become more responsible as far as taxes etc. Possible name change and patch change.

Cap on Funds issue:

Open for discussion:

Ivan -We need to start with guide line.

Need to develop a form and process.

IRHC Need more input, suggestion.

Possible gift card.

Table till next meeting

February minutes:


E-mail to Roy to post on website.


Ida having computer issue. Needs dimensions. As soon as, computer issues are resolved, Ronnie will e-mail dimensions. Slow progression.

AIWA Banquet:

Dinner or lunch will be at either Home Town Buffet or a casino buffet. Still looking.

Need a list of who is all going. Richard will gather list of people that are going.

Recruitment plan:

Ivan has a form.

Joaquin has an electronic form.

AIWA Patch:

Need a new updated patch.

Bring ideas for next meeting.

DVD kids

Joaquin -April, showing of movie made by native kids. Date to be announced.

Round Robin discussion:

Ida Huhn- New green house. Growing veggies and collecting animals.

Gary Burrill- Ask him about his back hoe?Training with national guard.

Henry Mendibles- Pass.

George Hyde- Pass

Richard DeCrane -Family is doing good. Karin is still working, me and Violet are busy with school.

Ronnie Murpy -Will not miss any more meetings. Good job at Grossmont.

Joaquin -Pass

Ivan -Family issue. May not make next meeting. Selling gourds.

*Meeting adjourned*: _2055_PM. M/S: ___ Ivan Sam__


Robert rules of order procedure with modifications:

A. Call to order
B. Officers reports; President ,Vice President, Treasurer, Sect., Committees
C. Old business
D. New business
E. Round Robin discussion and visitors
F. Adjourn

Upcoming events: