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The location of all AIWA meetings is at 3928 Illinois St. San Diego, CA. Many Nations in Recovery facility. Chet A. Hunt Community Center. AIWA is welcome to utilize the facilities in a respectful manner. (It is two blocks east of 30th St. and one-half block North of University Ave. on the west side of the street.)

The members were purified by: __Ivan Sam__
Social potluck from 1800-1900.
· Chicken, fruit and cake.

Call to order:
Ivan Sam___1901 PM.

Officer Reports:
*President- *Ivan Sam- present
*Vice President- *Henry Mendibles- not present
*Secretary- *Richard DeCrane- present
*Treasurer- *George Hyde - present
*Master at Arms- *Gary Burrill- Not present
*Event Coordinator- *Ronnie Murphy - present

Old business:
April minutes:
- Approved.
- E-mail to Roy to post on website.

Tax ID issue:
- Joaquin- IHRC will be covering AIWA on a temp basis, we still need to renew

Non profit status.
- Need more paper work having money flow issues.
- Nothing new to report.

Cap on funds:
- Tabled.

- Karin will come up with design.

Picture and medals.
- Will bring proof to Balboa Park or next meeting.

AIWA Banquet:
- Richard -Need info from Ronnie M. on where and how much.

Native Vet Medal:
- Tabled.

Upcoming events:
- AIWA is color guard on May 10th and 11 Balboa Park Powwow. Henry will be head gourd dancer.
- Camp Pendlton Powwow event May 15. More info to come.
- San Luis Rey Powwow 14-15 June 2008.
- IB Powwow 21-22 June 2008.

New business: (M/S)
George H:
- Needs a receipt for the Grossmont powwow Honorarium.

Ivan S:
- Mesa College Health Fair Tomorrow will have a table. Location Quad, time 11 to 2.
- Need a list of people coming to Balboa Park Powwow.
- Need a list of people coming to Santa Ysabell Memorial Day Event. Monday 26 May 2008. from 11 to 1. Lunch will be at the Casino.
- Need another list of people coming to the Camp Pendton Event May 15 at 11, use back gate location is in the same place as last year.
- Will not be at Santa Ysebell, head back home for Brothers Ceremonie.
- Working on starting SACNAF (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native American in Science at Mesa College.

Roy C: Vet Council report.
- Vet Jobs and Workshop. See Flyers.- Standdown event Coming in July 11,12,13.
- VA Medical Center La Jolla will be requesting Color guard. For Tree and Medicine Wheel transfer. Date is TBA.

Karen Smith from Vet Center:
- Talked about the center.
- Had a question and answer session.

Mario Tisnado
:- Is here on behalf of brother Authro. Brother doing good made it to Alaska. Van broke down.
- Still looking for donations for brother and the long run. Call 858-945-3579.

Event coordination issues:
- Imperial Beach powwow council is trying to contact Ronnie. They want AIWA to be their powwow color gourd.
- Ivan will contact Balboa park powwow council.
- Youth Conference in Anaheim
- Language Conference April 15-17 (
- Warner Springs Color Guard.

- Aurto - Thankful for speaking. May 1st Start of Peace and dignity run. He read mission statement of run. 8 month run. South started April 1st 2008. Inform native communities. See Flyers. Looking for supporters.
- Ivan will be helping. July 23-25th along with The Red Warriors. Runner will stop a Pala Rez then run to Chicano Park in San Diego. AIWA asked to show support.

Round Robin discussion:

*Meeting adjourned*: __9:15 PM. M/S: ___ Ivan Sam__


Robert rules of order procedure with modifications:

A. Call to order
B. Officers reports; President ,Vice President, Treasurer, Sect., Committees
C. Old business
D. New business
E. Round Robin discussion and visitors
F. Adjourn

Upcoming events: