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American Indian Warriors Association meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Bayside Community Center

2202 Comstock St, San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-0771
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American Indian Warrior Association

March 5, 2014

This evening AIWA President William Buchanan opened the meeting at 7:05pm. There were plenty of pizza selections, cookies, sugarless chocolates and fried zucchini. Attending were: Ron Bonnin, William Buchanan, Juan del Rio, Joaquin Sandoval and Roy Cook.

Discussion on higher profile image at community, Pow wows. Also Multi-Cultural Bayside Parade participation and topical issues regarding veterans is a constant priority: Vietnam veterans Memorial, The Wall that Heals will be in San Diego, 3/13/14 to 3/16/14 next to the Midway museum-The WW II Kiss statue. (For more history see link below.)

Old Business:

1. Officer reports were received from Treasurer, Joaquin S., IRS report and annual web invoice steps clarified M/S/P.

William B. AIWA President: Recruitment strategies continue to be of a high priority.

2. AIWA secretary, Roy C. produced report on past issues and objectives.

3. Bayside requests more participation

New Business:

1. The AIWA participation at the SE Ballard Center, Earth Mother tribute April 23 in Old Town was M/S/P.

2. WB; will be Head Gourd dancer at Balboa Park in May and IB pow wow in June AIWA is invited to be Honor Color guard.

All are welcome to join in the potluck luncheon at the TONKAWA Seniors monthly meeting 1 pm. Sunday March 9, 2014. TONKAWA and AIWA share the same facility on different days of the month and this Bayside CC location will be our official address. C/o Bayside Community Center 2202 Comstock St.

San Diego, CA 92111
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The Round Robin continues to be a healthy venue to air and share veteran concerns with comrades in arms with a tribal flavor. What are the Native American networks of Veteran or Wounded Warrior organizations by regional and Tribal definition? Finally, AIWA welcomes our local and Tribal involvements and our mission to continue to be of service to the community and look forward to positive ideas for our future months’ meetings. (For more history see link below.)

AIWA President William Buchanan closed the meeting at 8:43pm.

Respectfully submitted:
Roy Cook, AIWA Historian/secretary
“Duc, sequere, aut de via decede! Latin (Lead, follow or get out of the way!)”